It’s the economy, you stupid, stupid, stupid

I’m trying to get to grips with the election, as a voter.

It’s a very personal experiment, to see if an average voter can grasp the election priorities.

Someone once said ‘it’s the economy, stupid’. So let’s start with that.

Labour and Conservatives have the same election promise to get rid of the deficit and achieve a surplus, either within the next five years or after, and the Liberal Democrats said they will ‘deal’ with it.

My reaction as a voter

Sounds nice! We’re going to have spare money in five years time! When the UK has a surplus will we get a taxpayer’s bonus like the bailed-out banks give themselves every Christmas? Yeah! How about a public holiday to celebrate, like when Will and Kate got married?

I feel stupid to ask, but what is the deficit?

The voters are confused – Is david cameron labour?

Three days to go and how are the voters doing?

Here are 16 google searches to bring you smack back down to the reality the polls tricksters are missing…

If you’re feeling out of touch with the voters, you can be sure the feeling’s mutual!

If google search is anything to go by, voters have unanswered questions about the potential leaders and potential king makers in the upcoming UK general election on 7 May.

1. Who is David Cameron?

Is david cameron - google



2. What is Ed Miliband?

Is Ed Miliband - google

Politicians are full of shit, and my country deserves better

Paul Albertella on flickr

Paul Albertella on flickr

1. What’s wrong? There’s a general election and no one will explain their policies. I get the feeling I’m being taken for a ride

I’m well-educated. Not by the paid-for formal education system I bought into, but my own self-teachings. Hello – internet! *waves*. Hello – libraries! *bows*. Hello, low-budget airlines! *flies*.


I’m ‘young’ but only because I look it. I’m not apathetic.

I’m a voter, but only because I feel guilty not voting.

I’m disgusted with the lack of choice. I’m shocked with what consecutive Labour and Con-Dem governments have done to the UK, to politics and to democracy. I’m scared by the unquestioning, bland reporting by some media outlets.

Why entrepreneurs need other entrepreneurs

Turns out entrepreneurship is really hard.

Every day you doubt yourself, people in your team doubt themselves and they occasionally doubt the team. It’s a no-idea-what-I’m-doing-really kind of game, where you get points every time you convince others that you are 100% sure of yourself, and you hope you’re not a fraud.

Every one has to believe in themselves, in each other, and in a future that no-one is sure of. You have to be a fortune teller.