A problem + A big idea
= A new world

Culturally provocative people turn big ideas
into the new reality

George Lois has some Damn Good Advice (for people with talent) to unleash their creative potential.

The age of creative thinking is over. What sets you apart for success is the act of doing, not thinking about it. ‘Ah, but I have such great ideas, that should be worth something!’ you may cry. Not enough! Challenge the status quo. Take the brilliant idea out of your brain, make it happen and create a new world.

So how does it work?

Every idea on Cultural Provocateur must provoke a solution. That’s the rules.

Be clear about these three things:

  1. What’s wrong?
  2. What’s the big idea?
  3. Where can you get help?

Notice, the onus is on you to get things done:

  1. What’s wrong? – Did you spot a problem, something not right that has to change? You’d better raise hell about it.
  2. What’s the big idea? – What are you going to do about it? No ranting, and no telling others what they should do about it either.
  3. Where can you get help? – How can others help turn your big idea into the new reality? 

Keep it simple!

‘So what is Cultural Provocateur about?’ It’s where cultural provocateurs challenge the status quo by solving problems with big ideas that create a whole new world. Interested? Subscribe.

What You Need

It might be a short or a long road ahead, who cares, you're lucky to be on the road at all. You don't need special shoes, but you will need:


Big ideas