First big idea spins off into new business: REPpic!

Well, it’s been one hell of a ride! We’re so grateful for the continuing ‘egging on’ and encouragement. Still a long way to go! But we’ve achieved our first SPIN OFF!

Today we launch !!

This is it people! We have lift off! has spun off in just three short sleepless months!

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Tell your friends – anyone who eats on a daily basis! Anyone who cares what they put in their mouths and their stomachs! Anyone who wants to make epic food for themselves, their friends and their family.

Here’s a timeline of how this happened:

18 July 2014 – Challenge completed

Finally, despite sore eyes, muscle pain and repetitive strain, the final World Cup of Food reppic is published, but the mood is dampened by horrific world events.

13 July 2014 –  World Cup of Food challenge ACHIEVED!

Against all odds, we manage to make and photograph an epic recipe in pictures for every country in the World Cup, live, during the  World Cup. It would take more time to post them all, though.

15 June 2014 – Rabbit sacrificed for England football team

Sticking to our culturally provocative roots we reconstructed exactly what happened to Peter Rabbit’s father in an English cottage garden. To achieve epic food maybe we ought to know more about where it’s coming from? We knew exactly where that rabbit came from.


12 June 2014 – launch of World Cup of Food

We launch a near-impossible 32 day challenge to make a reppic – epic recipe in pictures – from each country in the World Cup, LIVE, that is DURING the World Cup. Our first post tackles Croatia.


8 June 2014 – chef Cristy Raad joins the team

After spending a weekend together, Cristy Raad sees how her ideas overlap with ours and she jumps on board. She doesn’t just join the team, she makes the team!


21 May 2014 – first feedback

Hero Nick follows the first reppic and makes pastitsio. He generously gives helpful and motivating feedback, including reducing the number of steps (see extract below). We adjust accordingly.

A great idea. I had a go making the Pastitsio dish. Firstly, it was the tastiest dish I have ever made and one of the few times I have done any real cooking. Like many areas of life, I suppose you get out what you put in, but in all (including cooking time) it took me 2 hours. However, it was worth it and I am a novice – if I did it again, it would take me a lot less time.

  • The pictures: make the reppic easier to follow. Seeing that the pictures were similar to what I had made, gave me confidence that I was on the right track.
  • You can tick off each of the ingredients on the screen as you prepare it.
  • You inspired me to do some proper cooking and now want to do more.
  • You taught me how to make béchamel sauce (which you can use in other dishes)
  • I had a sense of achievement at having cooked a dish from scratch. It was fun. It tasted great!
  • Clearly show preparation and cooking time at the start of the reppic.
  • Having never done it before, I took me a long time to make the béchamel sauce. I wasn’t sure how much milk to add at any one time so took a conservative approach. Perhaps I could have added more milk or could have added it at smaller intervals.

5 MAY 2014 – reppic big idea launch

5th May we launch our first big idea on Cultural Provocateur.  I most arrogantly proclaim: ‘I demand epic food every day, the problem is I live in England‘ and after years of frustration, decide to start doing something about it.

We propose a new system for recipes, one that aims to increase access to epic food in Britain, starting in the kitchen.

I had personally suffered the scenario pictured below, a mismatch between my reality (on the right) and the recipe book dream (on the left). I didn’t want to experience this again.


My husband, one of the world’s best amateur chefs, gets stuck in. He makes Pastitsio, a meaty Greek pasta dish and I photograph and note each step – 33 steps in total. We start designing a site for ipad / fablet / smartphone viewing.

It’s a whole new way of cooking that turns you into a super-hero in the kitchen, a naked chef, a joyful chef, perhaps, but for sure: an epic chef!

We call it reppic – Epic Recipes in Pictures.


Back to now: bigger ambitions

Looking back, perhaps our ambitions are too small.

Not everyone agrees with me, but I’ve found that the UK has low accessibility to epic food. Many say this is improving. That’s great, but I think we can do a lot better. In London and Cardiff we were able to gather ingredients for dishes from 32 countries in just 32 days! We have the tools, we have the ingredients. We could all be eating epic food everyday at home and in our Great British pubs, cafes and restaurants, so why aren’t we?

We aim not just to find out, but to work with those who want to make these islands a culinary delight, mixing techniques and ingredients from cultures the world over. We can make London the capital of the leading innovative food nation in the world. The health and well-being of our fellow women and men depend on it. Our children’s very survival depends on it. Our economy depends on it. Join us to make it happen.


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