Kids need epic food, but mums have already got enough on their plate!

1. What’s wrong? Mums are getting a raw deal on kid’s food


We’ve got to improve the level of food available to our people otherwise destined for increased diabetes, depression, and obesity. We don’t deserve premature death!


We’ve started our mission to convert the UK into an epic food destination with – epic recipes in pictures.  These step by step epic recipes in pictures are a whole new way of cooking that will turn you into a super-hero in the kitchen, a naked chef, a joyful chef, perhaps, but for sure: an epic chef! 

But is this enough? Of course not!

We need to get into the stomachs of the children. Why? Ask any chef or foodie where they got their love of food. What are their most treasured memories? It’s cooking with grandma, street food with dad after the footie, mum’s incredible apple and blackberry pie.

Every kid deserves these special memories, experiences that will shape their food choices and their well-being FOR THE REST OF THEIR LIVES.

The epic Cristina Raad has two fabulous kids, 9 month old Ariana and 5 year old Nicolas. This is her story:

Cristy_Raad“New mums do their best to get organic, nutritious foods for their baby. The market and quality has improved massively since Ella’s Kitchen revolutionized attitudes towards baby food – you now have a variety of tastes and fruits that you wouldn’t find in the jars. Ariana won’t touch those jars, they’re disgusting. Ella’s tasty products are perfect when you’re on the go, but you need more for every day.

And what about Nicolas? He’s not going to eat mashed foods, neither am I. I can’t be dirtying a pan for one kid, the other, then myself. There wouldn’t be enough time to go to the loo!

I also noticed the drop-off in quality in what I was feeding Nicolas as he got older. In come the fish fingers, out goes the fruit and veg. It happened to me! It was only because of Ariana’s baby needs that I brought all the fresh ingredients back in.

In the supermarket I was confronted with no variety for fresh but a massive variety of rubbish. Look at the packages they offer – they are vile! When you do go out, how can the children’s menu be so awful? My son loves sushi, he can’t eat that junk.

So what to do? I looked up baby-led weaning. You introduce pieces of what you are eating to your baby as early as possible. The secret? Cut them into the right shape – chunks they suck and learn to eat themselves. Honestly, I didn’t do the baby-led weaning because you’d have to clean the kitchen every five minutes. But it gave me an idea.

2. What’s the big idea? Little Finger Food

What about baby-led epic food? A whole meal in a bite.

With kids in the house I need three things. It has to be:

  1. Quick
  2. Easy
  3. Not messy

The thought of giving rice to a child sends chills down my spine – having little tiny rice grains all over the kitchen – just the idea of incessantly wiping that stupid high-chair!

11-COUSCOUS-AUX-7-PROMOTIONALBut what about couscous that you can serve in a neat ball? Put it in front of Ariana, she’s happy, eats at her own rhythm and there’s less mess. Turns out Nico loves the couscous balls, and I can prepare dinner for me and my husband around couscous too!

Very practical, pop them in a lunch box for a no-mess portable snack, and better still, freeze them for a rest day. Get some meals done in advance for the promise of putting my feet up? The dream!

This concept removes processed food from baby and the family’s diet as much as possible. It’s a new culinary respect for children. It’s time to respect the food that we’re giving our children!

We can make children love food all through their childhood. They say you have to introduce a new taste 25 times before you can be really sure that they don’t like it.

So I’ve developed practical step by step easy-to-follow innovative new recipes for tasty fresh bite-sized food, Little Finger Food!

Designed by a busy mum for other busy mums who need practical epic food solutions to introduce tastes and healthy habits that will stick with their children for their whole lives.

Quick. Easy. Not messy!

These are guaranteed to build the kind of food memories that turn people into food lovers!

First I’m working on the recipes – completely new combinations of epic food for families with children. Then we’ll develop the app for google glass as mums and dads need to follow hands-free visual instructions to get the job done quickly.”

3. How can others help? Test, taste and tell us!

0.1.Bulgogi_Spring_Rolls_Korea_ recipe_reppic_World_Cup_of_FoodWe need to hear from parents who are setting their kids up for an epic life through epic food. We need them to test the recipes and tell us:

How did the food go down? Was it quick and easy enough for you to make it again, and was it relatively mess-free?

We need to learn more about mum’s needs to be able to put epic food on the table day in day out. So please share this with any mums and dads you know!

From there we’ll develop the google glass app, then a delivery service for moms and dads to order in when they’re too busy, tired or bored to cook. Time saved to play with the kids instead!

What do you think? Any suggestions? Let us know in the comments or on Facebook.


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