Politicians are full of it, and my country deserves better

Paul Albertella on flickr

Paul Albertella on flickr

1. What’s wrong? There’s a general election and no one will explain their policies. I get the feeling I’m being taken for a ride

I’m well-educated. Not by the paid-for formal education system I bought into, but my own self-teachings. Hello – internet! *waves*. Hello – libraries! *bows*. Hello – low-budget airlines! *flies*. Thank you – friends *blows kisses*


I’m ‘young’ but only because I look it. I’m not apathetic.

I’m a voter, but only because I feel guilty not voting.

I’m disgusted with the lack of choice. I’m shocked with what consecutive Labour and Con-Dem governments have done to the UK, to politics and to democracy. I’m scared by the unquestioning, bland reporting by some media outlets.

So am I gonna sulk, shrug my shoulders, blame it on the pale stale males, the man, the corruption and inequality, the broken system, the compromised media? Hell no! I’m taking a wild guess it’s a bit more complicated than that. I’m gonna look into this.

2. I’m gonna try to understand politics and share what I find

Super simple. I’m gonna look up the policies, analyse them, not as an expert but as a voter who has questions and will try to get answers. What answers I find, and opinions I form on my journey into what many say is an ugly dirty, filthy, dangerous underworld, I will share here on Cultural Provocateur.

Google politics and this is what pops up three days before a UK general election (May the 4th be with you).

Is politics - google

I’ll be damned if I’ll be willingly taken for a mug anymore. This voter is going to find shit out. This voter is fed up with the patronising attitude spurting out of old school media. Fed up with politicians who repeatedly appear to show contempt to voters and unblinking devotion to misplaced bags of gold and hubristic individuals.

The British democracy is a precious and fragile jewel we all depend on. I’m a citizen, I have one vote, one voice. I’m joining it with the others out there who believe our democracy is worth it.

3. How can others help?

Comment and advise! I have a lot of questions.

Wish me luck!


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