How to make comfort food for Ecuadorians in 12 simple steps

What a hit recipe for Ecuador’s opening game! As popular as football, these devilish little bread balls are a craving in the making – once you taste the best snack in Ecuador, nay, the world, well, your life has changed, your taste buds will let you know that you have broken into a whole new universe: one filled with multi-sensory, multi-dimensional snack sensations. Your gustatory cells will never be the same again.

Remember the first time you felt that wave of passion for football rising from your guts, your nether regions, your soul, cheering your team to certain victory? Remember the first time you felt that intestine-wrenching sorrow when your team lost to an inferior side, that very moment the ball hit the back of the net in the final 30 seconds of the game?

That is how you will remember the joy of the first time you tasted Pan de Yuca and then the terrifying jolt of the first time you experience the need, the aching craving for more.