Not a time for celebrations, as we publish final World Cup of Food from Spain

I was looking forward to this moment – to publish the last of (more than) 32 epic recipes in pictures cooked by epic chefs Juan José and Cristy, with the final country recipe from Spain.

But it’s not possible to celebrate on yet another day of mourning for humanity, with acts of war and violence producing thousands more grieving family and friends as countless lives are destroyed by needless death and pain.

There is no adequate response, but Bob Dylan’s song has come to my mind:

How to enjoy the best pintxos in Spain

The premise of our reppic – Epic Recipes in Pictures – World Cup of Food challenge is to find a way to make epic food more accessible in England, but that doesn’t mean we have to martyr ourselves. We need to keep our thinking fresh, and always aim for the highest standard in the world.

After two epic fails, testing recipes that turned out to be good, but not epic (for the USA and Algeria), we decided it was time to get out of England and get ourselves to a gourmet country. So we watched the Spain-Chile match from the Basque Country, and it only took 10 steps to enjoy epic Spanish pintxos from there.

Literally the first place we came across while strolling gently through the