We have found the answer to end obesity, depression and premature death – USA! U!S!A!

USA are through to the second round! Yeay! People say it’s because of their resilience. Let’s talk about resilience, shall we? This is our second USA recipe, because the first attempt at a 15 step baked apple cheesecake fell into the #fail category, and though we’ve hit the marathon-runner’s knock-down wall at this stage of the World Cup of Food, we will rise again, we will conquer this challenge. If it means more than 32 epic recipes in pictures are required, then so be it!

At times like these, when you are feeling low, doubtful, down, depleted, what do you do? You reach for the chocolate, the burger, the crisps. You do not reach for the fruit bowl. You want something crispy, salty, fatty, cheesy.

So here it is, with a recipe from the great US of A, reppic chef Cristy Raad gives us: crispy cheese and cheddar cheese-filled potato skins! These make an epic snack, and provide an answer to end the vicious crisp scourge that leads our innocent children, and our naughty people, down that slippery slope to obesity, depression and premature death (sorry, am I over-reacting?).

USA fail in World Cup of Food, play well on pitch

While USA played fun football last night, we baked for 5 hours and 25 minutes, and waited overnight, waking in the morning to find a baked almond cheesecake recipe from the New York Times had only been teasing us in order to let us down.

The reason we are testing these recipes is to ensure a top quality epic standard of food is well explained in clear steps and easy-to-follow visuals. The fact is, recipes fail us and that’s devastating. The internet is full of weak recipes, particularly for the USA and UK audiences. Honest, epic recipes are difficult to come by, requiring too much research for the average Jo.

In terms of the World Cup of Food, this performance was 1:0 to Ghana, scored by an own-goal of spammers flooding the internet with junk recipes recycled across sites just for the sake of filler content, rather than the love of food.