Why entrepreneurs need other entrepreneurs

Turns out entrepreneurship is really hard.

Every day you doubt yourself, people in your team doubt themselves and they occasionally doubt the team. It’s a no-idea-what-I’m-doing-really kind of game, where you get points every time you convince others that you are 100% sure of yourself, and you hope you’re not a fraud.

Every one has to believe in themselves, in each other, and in a future that no-one is sure of. You have to be a fortune teller.

World Cup of Food Challenge: ACHIEVED!

We cooked, wrote out and photographed an epic recipe in pictures for EVERY SINGLE COUNTRY in the World Cup – that’s 32 recipes in 32 days, we did it!

3 people, 32 days, 32 countries, 32 recipes. Epic! (We have a few still to post online, but they’re ready, I can assure you!)

Thank you to everyone who believed, shared, liked and supported us!

Stay on board, there’s SO MUCH MORE to come! Well done Cristy! Well done Juan José!

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Death, blood sacrifice, and stew – still not enough to pull England through

‘Now, my dears,’ said old Mrs. Rabbit one morning, ‘you may go into the fields or down the lane, but don’t go into Mr. McGregor’s garden: your Father had an accident there; he was put in a pie by Mrs. McGregor.’


My investigation into the differences between cooking in the city and rural gourmet life, led me straight to the hunt, the scent of blood and deadly revenge, all within the quaintest setting of a bloom-filled English cottage kitchen garden.


This rabbit, just like in the Tale of Peter Rabbit’s Father, munched on one two many lettuces, and this morning ‘he had an accident’, his luck ran out, just as once told by Beatrix Potter, surely one of the great cultural provocateurs of her time.


Rural cooking, then, has it’s perks, fresh meat delivers itself to you, and though you may regret the loss of hard-earned lettuces, at least that work has now turned into a plate of meat (though be warned: rabbit meat has no vitamins and without that cottage garden you wouldn’t last long either).

If it’s true that city folk really don’t know where food comes from, then village folk can show the way, in skinning, disemboweling and jointing.



A huge thank you to ‘Mr and Mrs McGregor’ who hunted and gathered this wonderful meal while the England team fought it out in the rainforest city, losing 2:1 to the jungle-fearless Italians in Manaus.


See how to make the Rabbit and port stew in a 14 step picture recipe (45 minutes) here.

From 0 to 205 in 24 hours – and we have 16 countries checking us out – can we make it to 32 by the end of the World Cup?

We are on an epic learning curve. And we’ll be totally transparent about it, even on days when we can’t take the heat, we stay in the kitchen regardless.

What makes it all worth it?

Stats like this which show our growth from 0 to 205 people on our site in 24 hours. It sees our site being visited by people all across the world!

Going international in 24 hours is pretty nice work.  Thank you UK, thank you US, thank you Ecuador, thank you Belgium, thank you Spain, thank you Armenia, thank you UAE,  thank you Australia, thank you Switzerland, thank you Czech Republic, thank you Germany, thank you France, thank you Greece, thank you Hong Kong, thank you Iran, thank you Portugal!! You know who you are, I don’t know who you are! I have to admit, this is all quite exciting (she says, sipping her well-earned Gin and Tonic, that is, Hendrick’s with a slice of cucumber).

Lot’s more to do, and huge thanks to everyone supporting us so far. We really appreciate it.