Africa high cuisine? We don’t know! Ghana and Ivory Coast what’s the deal?

What do Ghana and Ivory Coast have in common? Food, and less than spectacular performances in the World Cup. It’s not surprising if Ghana and Cote d’Ivoire have a lot of shared tastes, they are neighbours, brothers, sisters. But in terms of high cuisine, we couldn’t find it on the internet. We’re certainly not experts, so if you know better, let us know.

Africa is full of tastes, flavours, sights, sounds, colours, music and dance so there must be epic food there, but like with the football teams, we can see the ingredients are beautifully sculpted, probably world class in their own right, but the potential for them to come together and produce something spectacular has still to be achieved.

The tastes and sounds of these two dishes are so similar we cooked them together, and indeed they can be served together:

Kedjenou chicken from Ivory Coast in 11 steps.

Jollof rice from Ghana in 12 steps.


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