Chi-chi-chi le-le-le! Viva Chile! An epic curanto for an epic team

Chi-chi-chi le-le-le! Viva Chile! Such great play, heartbreaking to leave the round of 16 when they seemed so close to getting through. Awful to go to penalties, but this is Brazil’s World Cup after all, and we must consider, through our tears, how devastating it would have been to have lost Brazil instead.

Our hearts go out to the team, who’s coach had won us all over with his inspiring leadership and epic gains. His genuine commitment to the team and energetic support on the side-lines will be sorely missed.

Here’s a traditional Chilean dish to mark Chile’s exit – a super-tasty, slightly spicy, layered affair of shellfish, fish, chicken, pork ribs, veg and potatoes, basically, containing a bit of everything!  Our’s is a short-cut version though, that by-passes the part where you dig a metre-deep hole and fill it with hot stones to create a natural pressure cooker. We’ve simplified it and we didn’t even use a pressure-cooker.

If you fancy something really different and can’t decide between meat or fish, here’s a 15 step epic curanto recipe in pictures that will give you a range of fabulous tastes all in one pot and will be particularly appreciated by your Chilean friends, who deserve some special attention for the misfortune of having to face Brazil too soon.


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