From 0 to 205 in 24 hours – and we have 16 countries checking us out – can we make it to 32 by the end of the World Cup?

We are on an epic learning curve. And we’ll be totally transparent about it, even on days when we can’t take the heat, we stay in the kitchen regardless.

What makes it all worth it?

Stats like this which show our growth from 0 to 205 people on our site in 24 hours. It sees our site being visited by people all across the world!

Going international in 24 hours is pretty nice work.  Thank you UK, thank you US, thank you Ecuador, thank you Belgium, thank you Spain, thank you Armenia, thank you UAE,  thank you Australia, thank you Switzerland, thank you Czech Republic, thank you Germany, thank you France, thank you Greece, thank you Hong Kong, thank you Iran, thank you Portugal!! You know who you are, I don’t know who you are! I have to admit, this is all quite exciting (she says, sipping her well-earned Gin and Tonic, that is, Hendrick’s with a slice of cucumber).

Lot’s more to do, and huge thanks to everyone supporting us so far. We really appreciate it.


I feel culturally provocateurially bound to tell you that when I celebrated our Iranian visitor on Facebook by posting the wonderful Pharrel Williams ‘Happy’ tribute video to my page, I was treated to my first ever Facebook security check.


I remind you that Iran is playing in this World Cup and there will be an epic reppic recipe posted on this page in their honour. Not forgetting the Portuguese, Hong Kongese, Greeks, Czechs, Germans, Swiss, French, Aussies, United Arab Emiratanians Armenians, Spanish, Belgians, Ecuadorians, Americans and Brits who visited our site (or whatever nationality you find yourself with, in whatever country you find yourself in), who will only get a recipe during this World Cup if they’re in the World Cup, but you get the message.

What I mean to say is, THANK YOU!


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