Greece gets no points for creativity on the field, but does miracles in the kitchen

One of the two most exciting food countries in the world produced a dull 0:0 in the football World Cup, but Greece and Japan have some of the most exciting food cultures anywhere. Could it be that’s there’s a negative correlation between great food and great football?

This pastitsio recipe is for a proper cooking day, a day you commit to making epic food for your friends and family, a Saturday or Sunday when those you love are coming over for a great meal, chatter, laughter and general happy raucousness. The kind of meal that binds everyone together, that produces happy memories of a united group, brought closer over wholesome, delicious food. This reppic – Epic Recipe in Pictures – is laid out in 33 steps, so you can master bechamel and create food worthy of an epic chef. It unlocks secrets that ‘the man’ doesn’t want you to know.

That heartless machine, the hyper-marketed food industry, that is sucking the life out of great home cooking, would shut this site down if it knew we were giving the people the power to to turn from good cooks into epic chefs in their own humble kitchens. The flavours are multi-dimensional, playing all over your tongue, and will have people talking about your dish for weeks.

This is proudly not a ’15-minute meal’. Make it, because you can. Make pastitsio in 33 steps (2 hours 30  minutes)


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