Honduras puts up worthy fight in World Cup of Food, less so in football

What a terrible demonstration of football last night between Honduras and Ecuador, with Ecuador just about getting the upper hand with a 2:1 result. The football battle was a far cry from the epic recipes put against each other in the World Cup of Food.

Honduras redeemed themselves in the kitchen, after playing a messy game of football, with these super-neat nacatamales: little packets bursting with Latin American flavours wrapped in banana leaves, putting up such a fight against Ecuador’s pan de yuca that you wouldn’t believe possible. 

Honduras’ nacatamales, will blow your taste buds with the flavours of America, tastes whill dance across your tongue sparking sensations never experienced in Europe before.

You have to make these, banana leaves are available, we found some frozen in the bottom of a huge fridge in Brixton market.

Find them, make these nacatameles following the reppic – Epic Recipe in Pictures – in 21 steps , and give us feedback below.


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