How to enjoy the best pintxos in Spain

The premise of our reppic – Epic Recipes in Pictures – World Cup of Food challenge is to find a way to make epic food more accessible in England, but that doesn’t mean we have to martyr ourselves. We need to keep our thinking fresh, and always aim for the highest standard in the world.

After two epic fails, testing recipes that turned out to be good, but not epic (for the USA and Algeria), we decided it was time to get out of England and get ourselves to a gourmet country. So we watched the Spain-Chile match from the Basque Country, and it only took 10 steps to enjoy epic Spanish pintxos from there.

Literally the first place we came across while strolling gently through the streets of Bilbao drew us in with hundreds of edible bite-sized jewels lined up along the bar.


This stress-free approach to enjoying the best pintxos in Spain was only as hard as making the choices, since it’s difficult to resist trying them all. But the most beautiful thing is having someone making them fresh, from wonderful ingredients. Thank you Alazne and the rest of the staff from El figón!


This wonderful woman prepared many pintxos for our pleasure, including Pistachio, queso fresco y algo; Mousse de queso con mushrooms y pistachio; Pulpo con pimentón y aceite de oliva; Cangrejo con mayonnaise, Croquetta de chipirón, Pintxo de tortilla, and Bacalao al pilpil. The words are almost as beautiful as the pintxos themselves.

In the knock-out match against Chile, Spain showed that the era of ‘tiki-taka’ is officially dead, and so it should be in the World Cup of Food – we strayed from the straight and true path, succumbing to the pressures of finding 32 recipes in time, and desperation led us to two fails.

No more, from now on we don’t trust the internet. From now on we commit to our own knowledge, to what we know in our hearts to be right. We will trust in the training we have had, the preparation we have put in, and the knowledge that our friends and family believe in and support us all the way.

We remind ourselves that we are not aiming to share recipes for the 32 countries in the World Cup. We are aiming to create 32 EPIC recipes in pictures from the proud nations battling with all their energy and passion to win the ultimate prize on the football field.

It might be an unconventional way to ensure we bring you epic food from Spain, but it is efficient, and it is epic.

In 10 steps we have laid out how to enjoy the best pintxos in Spain (2 hours 15 minutes).

  • Annette White
    June 20, 2014

    What a lovely way to experience good food. I wish I were there with you to soak up the atmosphere as well as the taste!

    • Emilie J. White
      June 20, 2014

      Me too! Your wish is my command. You will love it. Let’s make it happen.

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