Japan decimated in World Cup, not such a fast exit in World Cup of Food

The sensational Colombia team bumped Japan decidedly out of the World Cup of football with an epic 4:1 win, but would they be so decisive against a team of Japanese chefs? I don’t think so.

Our own epic chef, Cristy Raad, has shared her epic Wasabi tuna in noodle salad recipe, a 15 minute meal if ever there was one (and if you ignore the 40 minute marinating time, which other less scrupulous chefs might do to promote their recipes to those with poor time-management skills i.e. all of us). But enough babbling!

This simple, pure, delicious, fresh and hyper-clean recipe is mouth-wateringly refreshing and perfect for warm weather World Cup watching. Start preparing as they sing the anthems, let the tuna marinate during the first half, fry up the noodles during half-time and you’re munching on delicious crispy-on-the-outside, melting on the inside, tuna slices loving laid onto a bed of noodles while you watch the second half.

Make it during the World Cup, let us know your feedback below so we can learn how the 12 step epic recipe in pictures (reppic) went for you, and we’ll enter you into a mystery prize draw.



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