Algeria: Not quite heavenly couscous, not quite heavenly football

Known as ‘seksu bil kohdra’ in Algeria, this is one of the most popular tagines of the Maghreb. There are many variations and different combinations of vegetables for this dish. What always stays the same is the number. Seven is considered a lucky number. It represents the seven heavens of Islam.

This recipe lacked the subtle fusion of aromas and flavours from North Africa that boost your palate. It missed the real punch of spices, the final kick that scores the goal to the glory.

Reppic chef, Cristy Raad, blames the quality of the vegetables but also the recipe. It needed tastier tomatoes, better quality courgettes, sweeter carrots and a lot more spices to really meet the standard of competition in the World Cup of Food, especially when up against the gourmet paradise that is Belgium.

For a BBCGoodFood bland “healthy style” dish, it was ok, but it won’t lift you to the seven heavens without some considerable improvements, beyond the scope of this reppic to amend.

Another submission from the awe-inspiring non-conformist mum and innovatory chef, Cristy Raad.

Just wait til you see the big idea this incredible woman has in store for you!

See how we tested the less than blissful 7 vegetable couscous in an 11 step recipe in pictures – maybe you can do better and tell us how (1 hour to cook).

Somebody enjoyed it though!



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