Remember watching Brazil lose 7-1? Well, that’s what cooking this Cameroon dish felt like

We did not enjoy cooking this dish, we have to be honest don’t we?! This dish started off fun, the name is lovely: Ndole, and it has seafood, meat, peanut paste and curly kale. Who doesn’t love curly kale?

Watching this cooking was like watching Brazil’s utter humiliation in the World Cup semi-final. It was like watching a train wreck, and we didn’t want that to happen, but again, we had trouble finding a good recipe from Africa. So we’re all ears for any advice you can give us to improve this 16 step recipe. Let us know what we’re doing wrong, or point us towards epic Cameroonian food or chefs, because we’re still looking, and we know they must exist.

Normally, we insist on using top quality ingredients. In this case, the chef actually advises NOT to use good beef. His exact words: ‘don’t waste good meat on this’ – which is why it needs an hour of slow cooking to tenderize, and you can also loose the crayfish, prawns would be enough.

It did score one goal in the end, because it actually tastes fine. It looks so ugly! But it tastes fine. It’s most certainly not epic, and we’re not looking for ‘fine’, we’re looking for spectacular, so this get’s a #fail.

Ah, sorry Cameroon!

  • Marie
    March 21, 2015

    Oh Wow!!! That looks nothing remotely close to ndole :-(
    I am glad to read that it tasted fine though. To make ndole, you cannot substitute the actual bitterleaf for kale but spinach can come a close second. Check out this recipe with pictures to accompany each step. Good luck!

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