reppic World Cup of Food – A close call for Brazil

Brazil may have breezed through their opening match, winning 3:1, with a bit of help from the ref, to a  good-looking Croatian team, but the reppic World Cup of Food was a much closer affair

We pitched Brazilian black rice against Croatian squid ink risotto and the result was 2:1.  Both dishes are extraordinary, and both can be made in 18 steps, and while the squid ink adds something remarkable to the Croatian team,  the Brazilian has an added sophistication that is hard to beat, even when picking up a yellow card for the slightly weak Brazil nut sauce, which was too thin for our tastes (and so we have corrected the recipe).

So how about you try making the black rice, crunchy green veg and brazil nut sauce as laid out step by step in a reppic – Epic Recipe in Pictures, to congratulate the Brazilians on their first World Cup win of 2014. Let us know how you get on by leaving feedback in the comments section below.

See how to make Black rice, green veg and brazil nut recipe in 18 steps (45 minutes) here.


Alternatively, make the Croatian Crni Rizot – or Black Squid Risotto recipe in 18 steps (30 minutes) here.



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