Netherlands can crush Spain in football, but what about in food? – reppic World Cup of Food investigates

So Roben and Robin crushed them, Iker Casillas flailing akimbo and out of his comfort zone tonight. Well, he wasn’t the only one!

The Netherlands won 5:1 against Spain but well, in the World Cup of Food, I’m worried the score may be reversed. I don’t wish to be mean, but chef, how long did you search for a decent recipe inspiration from Holland?

Well, the chef did find a great sounding dish: Stomppot! If you’re new to the kitchen it’s definitely something you can cope with. Its lack of sophistication a blessing to those in a rush as the pot does most of the work and not much can go wrong in the preparation.

So how about you try making the stomppot – sausage in a pot of potatoes and kale livened up with some pork belly  as laid out step by step in a reppic – Epic Recipe in Pictures, marking the occasion of a startling show of Dutch strength on the field. Let us know how you get on by leaving feedback in the comments section below.

See how to make the Stomppot in a 16 step recipe (45 minutes) here.



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