So you’ve caught an Australian spanner crab? Throw it on the barbie? Noooooooooooo

You’ve got this spanner crab from the East coast of Australia. So what’ya wanna do? Call Bruce and Sheila round for a barbie and Castlemaine 4X?

You could, but Australia is actually very diverse, very interesting, with great food, especially fish, I mean have you seen the size of the coastline? Instead, you could make Spanner crab and sesame cakes on a bed of romain lettuce dressed in fava beans.

The Aussie government wouldn’t want you to know but it’s a country full of the brilliance of immigrants from all over the world.  It’s a fusion culture (at least in Melbourne).

Did you really swallow the propoganda film subtly entitled ‘Australia’? Did you know Nicole Kidman reportedly hated it, “I can’t look at this movie and be proud of what I’ve done…It’s just impossible for me to connect to it emotionally at all” (IMDb).

You know what I’d like to know? I’d like to know how the Indigenous and Torres Strait Islanders would prepare these ingredients. I’d also love to see them play football. Go watch ‘Rabbit proof fence’, that’s a better film, right after you make these Aussie crab cakes in 10 quick steps over the course of 45 minutes.


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