Switzerland, you strange, beautiful land

Switzerland is doing unusually well in the World Cup of football, knocking out Honduras last night 3:0, to go through to the next round. So here’s an unusual soup for the World Cup of Food to mark the occasion: Roast beef and apple wine soup.

The pairing of salty beef and sweet apples and carrots will tickle a new dimension on your palate.  It is a strange (in a good way) combination of hearty, delicate and exquisite, and packed with rich flavours.

The key for success here is with the ingredients. Cristy Raad, our epic chef from Cardiff pulled out a red card for UK supermarket stock cubes. On no account should you consider using them for this recipe, nor poor quality apple wine, as you will ruin the dish, and it’ll all end in tears (just like it did for the Ecuador fans last night, after Switzerland helped ensure they were knocked out on points, along with that ref, and the coach (!), despite Ecuadorian rugby-like blood loss and courage … but I sorrowfully digress).

Therefore, heed Cristy’s warning! Do not buy, not under any circumstances, beef stock cubes from the UK supermarkets or you will completely ruin the delicacy of this exquisite soup. Head to your butcher!

Buy the best of the best. Mr Rees, from A&K Rees Family Butchers is the best butcher in Cardiff. Let’s hear it for Mr Rees! He’s the trusted gentleman providing Cristy with top quality roast beef and beef stock (who said that Wales is only about lamb?) Homemade and butcher-made beef stock will put you through to the next round and into the epic leagues.


We salute you Mr Rees, from A&K Rees Family Butchers! Thank you for providing quality to the people of Cardiff.

There are 8 steps and 8 pictures in this reppic recipe to make this tasty soup of roast beef and apple wine from Switzerland, via Wales, with love.

Go for it! Then let us know how it went in the comments below. We will reward your feedback with a chance to win our mystery prize draw!


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