The day I connected with an octopus

If you want to look like an epic chef, you have got to make this incredible Polvo à lagareiro with batatas a murro from Portugal. It only takes an hour and 13 steps laid out right here for you in pictures. The result is a delicacy of epic proportions.

Don’t be afraid of the octopus – it’s slippery, slimy, and easily overcooked. Just connect with it, understand it, it’s an intelligent beast, beautiful in death, as in life, and it melts in your mouth. Treat it with respect and it will reward you.


Once you’ve made the batatas a murro, fantastic tiny roasted and punched potatoes, you will want to make them for a snack, or to add to any other dish, a salad perhaps. They are fantastic, and so easy to make!

During the making of this epic dish, my right index finger (the one I use to take photos, to scroll Facebook, to type) connected with something less loving, with something less gentle: with excruciating pain (see Step 9 for tips on how to treat minor burns).



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