The spice secret mediocre celebrity ‘chefs’ don’t want you to know

Can you think of any omnipresent celebrity ‘chefs’ that add a chilli pepper to EVERYTHING they make, whether it’s pasta, salad, a meat dish, or even chocolate mousse? These chefs tend to have their own chains, rather than cook in their own restaurants; they sell out books in 15 minutes, are on TV every minute of the day, and yet leave you and your society with mediocre food, whether through their establishments or by following their recipes in your own home.

Well, we’ve just busted them with this incredible Mexican dish which uses 9 chilli peppers – the small powerful ones! Guess what, celebrities, you’re right to use chilli peppers, but whoever gave you the hint only told you half the story because you’re not using the chilli right!

Follow this 16 step epic recipe in pictures to make this subtle, gorgeous, incredibly deep-flavoured Barbacoa de pato with papas confitadas from Mexico and you will learn the secret that rubbish celebrity cooks don’t want you to know. You’ll also learn  how to make adobo sauce, cook and marinate duck in banana leaves, and make waxy sweet potatoes.

Bust the secret, spread the word! Chilli peppers are not for the heat, they’re for the depth of flavour! Duh!


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