Who’s your Daddy Brazil? Well, it’s Argentina

Argentina players and fans have been chanting ‘Who’s your Daddy?’ to Brazil, and well, now we know.  It was a tense match against the Netherlands, everyone on tenterhooks, but Argentina did get through on penalties and will soon face Germany in Rio de Janeiro’s Maracana.

We have been very cheeky, and taken a very unpopular cut of beef in Argentina, the ‘tapa de cuadril’ (top sirloin or rump cap), and served it up with epic Argentinian sauce chimichurri. This happens to be a favourite cut in Brazil, where it is known as ‘picanha’, I know we’re being a bit mean!

It’s very easy to make, but you need to marinate the meat two hours in advance. You can make the beef and chimichurri sauce following these 10 step-by-step pictures here, ummm chimichurri…


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