The voters are confused – Is david cameron labour?

Three days to go and how are the voters doing?

Here are 16 google searches to bring you smack back down to the reality the polls tricksters are missing…

If you’re feeling out of touch with the voters, you can be sure the feeling’s mutual!

If google search is anything to go by, voters have unanswered questions about the potential leaders and potential king makers in the upcoming UK general election on 7 May.

1. Who is David Cameron?

Is david cameron - google



2. What is Ed Miliband?

Is Ed Miliband - google


3. Who is Nick Clegg?

Is Nick Clegg - google



4. Who is the leader of the Greens?

Is Natalie Bennett - google



5. Who is he-who-must-not-be-named?

Is Nigel Farage - google



6. Is Nicola Sturgeon single?

Nicola Sturgeon - google




7.  Who is jimmy krankie?

who is jimmy krankie - google



8. Is Russell Brand influential?

Is Russell Brand - google



9. Is politics a joke?

Is politics - google



10. It gets worse

Is democracy - google



11. What about the vote?

Is voting - google



12. What are they?

are the conservative - google



13. Who’s side are they on?

are the SNP - google



14. Are they worth it?

are the greens - google



15. Are they all the same?

are politicians - google



16. The big one:

Is life - google


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